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The Latest Trends in Custom Homes (Part 2)

Ensuring Your Custom House Builder Offers You the Latest in Home Design

In our last blog post, we spoke about a few ideas that are becoming very popular in the custom home industry. But more important than the design is the custom home builder you choose for the job. A true contractor knows how to properly handle a construction project so that at the end, you’ll be provided with the home of your dreams. Once you have the right builder at your disposal, consider some of these ideas.

Custom houseA Living Place for all Generations

When you build a home, you must think about the future. Even if you don’t have a big family now, you never know how it will be after five, ten or twenty years. You must take into consideration that children have different tastes than adults. It is of the utmost importance you include them in your plans when building your home.

Fancy Ceilings

It’ not just about flooring anymore. More and more homeowners go with colored ceilings, coffers and beams ceilings, and even barrel vault ceilings. You must consult with your custom home builder as to what type of ceiling will be suitable for your home.

A contractor that always pays attention to their customers’ wishes and desires is Dawson Lupul Builders. We have been building custom homes for people in Austin, TX for many years now. Call us at (512) 452-4228 and ask to see some of our latest projects.

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