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Custom Home – Wants vs. Needs

A Reputable Custom House Builder Talks about How to Make Decisions When Taking on a Construction Project

Building a custom home involves numerous decisions to be made. From the owner’s point of view, one of the most important parts is thoughtfully considering the difference between needs and wants. Don’t think even for a second that this will be an easy task. Sorting between wants and needs can sometimes be contentious. Something that is considered a need for one family member may not be seen that way by another. Although your custom house builder may be able to give some advice, the final decision belongs to you and your family.

The proper way to handle such a situation is by having a long discussion with all the people that will live in the house. It may take some time to reach a final design outline, but we assure you it is the only way to save countless hours of design work and thousands of dollars. Here’s what you have to do.

Each of your family member should grab a blank sheet of paper and write down all their needs, wants and dreams for the new home, in no particular order. The next step is to rank your items in order of importance. Don’t agonize over whether number four should be before three, and so on. What’s important here is to make sure that number two and number fifty four cannot be reversed.

Once everyone is done, gather all the lists and compare them. Debate the top ten items and try to reach a compromise so that they are all pretty close. Finally, create one combined list and share it with your custom house builder. They can review your list and your budget and let you know what items your budget can afford.

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