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Congratulations for making it far here. Don’t let your past efforts go to waste and contact our custom home builder for your construction project. Here at Dawson Lupul Builders, we only use the best approach and result for our valued clients. We work with consistency and honesty. Discover what other great things we have in store for you in Austin, TX by exploring our website.

Services We Offer

Custom Home Building

Custom Home Building
Your dream is just within your reach! Leave the construction to us. Building custom home is our specialties. No matter what your ideas are, we got innovative solutions you can use to make the dream house possible.


Are you planning on adding new rooms to your house? We got you cover. Let us build your addition.  Our mobile home builder is well-versed in various tasks including framing, drywall installation, and even flooring.


Take your home to the next level. Whether you want to change its layout or improve its structural integrity, we always got you covered. We remodel kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and attic. There's nothing we can't do.

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What’s your vision or your plan? We can’t wait to hear them as well as the issues you think will stop you from getting them. We can recommend out-of-the-box yet feasible solutions. We can help you with the processing of the needed documents for the construction. Our mobile home builder will also assist you with procurement and site preparation.

So please don’t hesitate to see us personally. We want to visit the site and see other factors that can affect the project’s progress and cost. We love to see your blueprint and plan with your chosen architect for the whole thing. If you haven’t found one yet, our custom house building company can also recommend someone to you.

We know just how important this project is for you. As long as we’re here, we’ll do our best to put everything on the right track. We’ll give you daily reports of our progress as well as communicate with you for possible alternatives you might want to explore in the middle of the project. We’re focus and attentive to details. We’ll do everything following safety protocols. We’ll end the project with a quality evaluation and any mistakes discovered after that will be fixed right away.

 Work With the Right People

To have the edges you are looking for, working with the right professional does matter. Dawson Lupul Builders is a house building company with impressive credentials. We have worked with multiple projects in the past so we’re aware of various construction issues and how to effectively deal with them. As long as we’re in charge, producing quality projects with zero to very minimal construction wastes is highly possible. Avoid redoes or additional expenses. Let us teach you tricks how.

Are you looking for a reliable custom home building company in Austin, TX? Dawson Lupul Builders is ready to serve you.

Client’s Testimonial

by Danny L. on Dawson Lupul Builders

You're impressive guys! You did well on this project. Assure that I'll be recommending you to some of my friends in the future. I am so satisfied with the result. I highly commend the assigned team for showing an amazing level of professionalism. You're a mobile home builder that won't tarnish my reputation.

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Austin, TX 78731
Phone: (512) 240-6550

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